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Golden Gate Cigarettes

high quality

Golden Gate cigarettes come in Eastern Europe. These cigarettes are regarded as inexpensive cigarettes, but it doesn't mean they're of poor. They are top quality cigarettes as well as in production are utilized paper and tobacco of the highest quality quality that's highly as good as leading European cigarette brands.

To create Golden Gate cigarettes the maker uses such tobacco sorts as Virginia, Burley and Oriental owned by American Blend. This excellent tobacco mixture gives to those cheap cigarettes a gentle and simultaneously intense taste.

Golden Gate cigarettes are very well-known in the whole world and they're much appreciated by smokers both women and men since it contains low quantity of nicotine and tar. Golden Gate cigarettes brand is really a leader around the worldwide and German tobacco markets due to its extra quality and amazing taste.

Buy Golden Gate cigarettes online and you'll have the original taste of those top quality cigarettes. Choose 1 of 2 variants obtainable in our online cigarette store:

  • Golden Gate Blue
  • Golden Gate Red