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KOOL, a menthol make of cigarettes, premiered in to the market in 1933. The company is created through the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company with lots of Kool versions for example Kool Filter Nobleman (Full Flavor) (Nobleman), Kool Blue (Milds) and Kool XL (Wides) Blue (Milds).

Kool cigarette marketing strategy started using the figure of "Willie" the penguin which was portrayed as a number of different professions, among that have been a physician, a soldier along with a chef. However, in early 1960s, the image from the cartoon penguin wasn't any longer needed, and Kool rather started marketing their cigarettes by linking the freshly awesome taste of menthol to awesome outside scenes portraying water or snow. Kool involved many prominent individuals its advertizing campaigns. Former Kool Models include Steve Tyler.

These cigarettes were produced mainly to have an ordinary, busy man. Initially, these were marketed unfiltered with various sizes and strengths. But later the organization introduced 85mm filter for their cigarettes as well as designed a king-sized variety which was put into the road-from products. Filtered cigarettes got lots of attention within the 1960 therefore the sales for filtered cigarettes were up at that time when KOOL used chance of offering different styles of cigarettes. Because the 1960 these cigarettes were released in mild, milder menthol aroma, 100 mm lengthy along with its lighter version which had a tiny bit of tar.

The cigarettes attracted many smokers after it had been introduced to attention the famous singer Nat King Cole would be a really big admirer of KOOL cigarettes and it was recognized to smoke them on the regular base (3 packs of any nicotine products each day). The singer considered the chain-smoking because the chance to get enriched seem of voice he had. However, the truth that makes them cigarettes so excellent may be the unique menthol taste they have that is unlike the flavour that other similar menthol flavored cigarettes have. It's just satisfying to smoke a cigarette out of this brand. Should you still haven't had the best moment to do this it's without a doubt you will be set for one hell of the surprise concerning how awesome these cigarettes taste cheap they're in no way costly.