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high quality

Although Prima Lux continues to be among the most widely used cigarettes and tobacco products in Soviet and then, CIS countries, it had been launched around the worldwide cigarette market only in the past and already acquired the status of low-cost yet high quality cigarette brand among adult smokers from greater than 20 countries.

Prima Lux brand is produced by Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken, famous Germany-based cigarette-maker, presently of Imperial Tobacco, the 4th-largest private tobacco company on the planet, selling such premium brands as Davidoff, West and Gauloises Blondes.

Following the brand grew to become part of Imperial Tobacco brand family, it had been completely renovated to be able to adhere to quality and safety standards and exigent needs of adult smokers. The maker to begin with modified tobacco mixture of Prima Lux cigarettes, altering it to American blend and used several types of aromatic tobaccos, adding to significant taste improvement. Next, the Imperial Tobacco experts developed highly efficient double-filter system, comprising acetate filter and charcoal filter, which together effectively purify the smoke and highlight the invigorating taste of selected tobacco.

These traits helped Prima Lux cigarette become outstandingly popular soon after the re-launch within the new format. Additionally, this brand is selling within the low-finish market segment, meaning that it's offered by a really affordable cost.

Besides its good quality and wealthy flavor, Prima Lux brand provides a multitude of styles, to ensure that anyone smoker may find their own perfect Prima Lux cigarette. For individuals adult smokers, preferring king-size, Prima Lux will come in four strength versions:

  • Prima Lux Red
  • Prima Lux Blue
  • Prima Lux Gold
  • Prima Lux Silver (from full-flavored smoke to ultra light one)

For individuals, who love innovative and stylish slim cigarettes, Prima Lux offers:

  • Prima Lux Slims Selection Nr. 4
  • Prima Lux Slims Selection Nr. 6

For that stylish and assured female smokers Prima Lux lately launched two new styles, that might be a trendy accessory, because of exclusive pack design and bracing taste:

  • Prima Lux SuperSlims Selection Nr 4
  • Prima Lux SuperSlims Selection Nr. 6

Prima Lux cigarettes really are a nice option for individuals cigarette-enthusiasts who are utilized to being economical cash except get high quality product, we're sure the tax-free Prima Lux cigarettes will certainly help you.