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Salem Cigarettes

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The Salem make of cigarettes was named following the Winston-Salem town in america condition of New York, the hometown of the brand’s manufacturer, the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

Since its launching in 1956, the Salem cigarettes brand, which was basically the very first filter-tipped menthol cigarette to look available on the market, dominated the menthol category becoming among the best-selling cigarettes in the domestic US market, plus the world. Salem cigarettes grew to become popular because of their quality but additionally because of a effective marketing campaign according to memorable slogans for example “You may take Salem overseas, but…you can’t go ahead and take country from Salem,” and “Springtime… it takes place every Salem”.

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Presently, the Salem brand makes two different varieties, the Eco-friendly Label the milder, mellower form of the cigarette and also the Black Label, with a larger, more powerful taste. Throughout the revision from the brand’s packaging which happened within the late 1990s, the Black Label variety acquired sliding packets, while just one cigarette having a distinct dark eco-friendly filter was incorporated within the packs and named “the lucky”, in compliance using the old smoker’s tradition of flipping the very first cigarette within the box and smoking it last. More lately, the company offering was diversified even more with the development of two new varieties, an easy as well as an ultra-light form of Salem.

Salem cigarettes had also attracted much publicity because of its to be the primary sponsor from the ATP tennis tournament in Hong Kong. Of the ATP circuit the wedding was highly publicised and attracted the very best professional tennis players on the planet. Before the early 2000s, Salem cigarettes were the primary sponsors of the event and then the tournament was named the Salem cigarettes Open. Salem cigarettes were also sponsoring many other occasions happening concurrently towards the football, including concerts throughout Asia. However, in 2001 the Hong Kong government bodies amended the appropriate legislation and enforced tough limitations on tobacco advertising and sponsorship. So it wasn't any longer allowable for Salem to sponsor the tournament, which in fact had to alter its name and emblem and receive from Perrier rather.